Monday, 26 February 2018

Weekend Outing to St. Mary's Island

There are times in your life when you are frustrated from your daily routine of 9-5 job and you need a break from all these things.

It was a Sunday one such weekend that I didn't wanted to go for a long trip. But I wanted to travel very badly for the peace of mind and wanted to spend time alone.

That is when I decided to let the traveller in me free and go to St. Mary's Island (Malpe Beach). Which is hardly 12km from my granny's place Udupi.

Here I'm in Malpe beach at 8.30am waiting by the sea for a ferry that would take me on a 6km (15 Mints) ride in the sea to the island which cost you 300 bucks per person. As it was a Sunday  I can stay full day in the island from 8.30 am to 4pm. Whereas in weekdays you are allowed to stay only for an hour.


The place from distance looks like a coconut grove island. As I reached there the view was awesome with hot sand and rocks. It was thrilling to climb those rocks and jump from one to another clicking selfies, some forest berries made me recall my childhood days.

The tourism authorities have made hut for people to rest and hang around. But somehow, I still preferred to sit very close to the waves and enjoying gentle waves crashing onto my feet. I would call that bliss.
The day was a bright sunny day. So I had great time enjoying. That picture is  more clearly captured in mind rather than in any cell phone. I was feeling like I have been transported to a different world altogether.

Around 3.30pm I got into my ferry back to Malpe beach. By then it was buzzing with people and energy. From there I got home recalling my great day striking off yet another place from my travel wish list.

Please visit the place and share your views.


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