Friday, 6 April 2018

Gokarna The Heavenly Destination : Happening Tourist Place

I am in love with Gokarna! The place keep coming to my mind and I crave to go back once again.

Sometimes in life it is good to do nothing, but just be in Gokarna and enjoy the beauty of seaside Gokarna. Blissful place that one can never get tired of.

About Journey :

My journey started from Mangalore to Gokarna by bus. It was a 5 hours journey. We were 2 and it was 3 days trip.  We caught the bus from KSRTC bus stop, Mangalore around 12pm.
The day was hot with the burning sun on top.

We reached Gokarna around 5pm by that time we were fully exhausted. We asked some local people for ATM location. As you need to withdraw cash inside the city itself .After that you don't find any ATMs.

About the place Gokarna:

Gokarna is a paradise. Every sunset is best when you are at seaside. Gokarna is full of such spots where you can gaze the sun in its great beauty beside a beach.

 Gokarna is a place to explore secrets of natures beauty. It is a perfect place for a traveller who loves trekking, sea shore and calm atmosphere.
In short  its a place worth to visit.

Gokarna beaches are very clean and beautiful. Walking along  a beach on hot sand with Arabian sea on one side rocky hills on the other is just amazing .
The track starts at Kudle beach and routes goes through OM beach, Half moon beach and Paradise beach.

It is absolutely a beyond the world experience . Especially  Kudle beach .One of my favourite beaches in Gokarna where we had a night stay.

If you are planning  to spend one or two days at Gokarna, I would recommend you to spend the night on the beach itself. Because it would be a perfect stay as you get to lay down on the beach sand, hearing calm sounds of the waves of sea , looking up at the sky full of twinkling stars.


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